AP Case Study


Objective of this project is to determine the listing quality of the content currently live on the portal. Measuring listing quality aims to improve the content health score to increase the sales of the SKUs. on the listing and see if the current content matches the client’s maser content.


NASDAQ listed Pet product company


Once all data is live, we check and update the listing quality score and also measure the change in sales on weekly basis. We have observed that doing this exercise yields incremental sales of 5-10% on an ongoing basis.


Once we have the scoring, we start with the worst-performing SKUs and start updating the same. We aim to reach the Listing quality score of more than 90(out of 100). 


Major challenge is the quantum of SKUs and their content. The process includes the scrapping of data points like titles, Bullets, and Product descriptions. After scraping data, we match that content scrapped with the client’s master content and provide scoring for the same. One major challenge is to get the updated data live on e-retailers as it involves regular follow-ups.