Images Audit Project


Objective is to make sure 6 images, a video, and EBC/A+ are listed on the eCommerce platform for better sales conversion.


U.S.A. – based artificial Jewelry company


  • The major challenge is to gather all the content data i:e media including images, videos, and EBC/A+ in one place. 
  • Identify the SKUs where the listing is not proper.


We provided a cloud platform, where we have saved all the relevant media data in one place SKU-wise. Along with it, we did an audit of all SKUs listed and identify those SKUs which need improvement. We checked whether the white background, front, back, and lifestyle image should be there. The image should not be pixelated.


Once, we completed the process of uploading all the relevant media, we compared the sales on weekly basis and found a jump of 5-15% in sales depending upon SKUs. Clear and informative images, help customers to make decisions quickly as overall in online selling we sell the images first and the product later.